To make it easier to find what you are looking for, I have listed the sets by WW2 or Modern era, and also into countries, regions or pacts.

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Newest sets in 1/72 scale - released in June 2022 - FOR SALE NOW.
$ 8.00
Tiger I - s.Pz.Abt. 503 # 1. 1943. Initial, early and mid production. VIEW
$ 8.00
Tiger I - s.Pz.Abt. 503 # 2. 1942-43. Initial, early and mid production. VIEW
$ 6.50
Nicaragua. Guarda Nacional and Sandinista guerilla. Staghound Mk I, M4A3E8 105mm Sherman. VIEW
$ 6.50
French fighting vehicles in Africa. Somua S 35, Universal Carrier Mk I, Hotchkiss H39, Renault FT-17. VIEW
$ 5.50
French fighting vehicles in Africa. Marmon Herrington Mk III. VIEW
$ 6.50
FFI # 1. Captured German Tanks. PzKpfw IV H Late , SdKfz 251 D, Panzerwerfer 42, Tiger I , JagdPz 38(t) Hetzer. VIEW
$ 5.50
FFI # 2. Re-captured Beute Panzers. Char Renault B1 bis, Somua S 35 + generic FFI markings. VIEW
$ 6.50
British 9th Armoured Division. Africa, Palestine and Syria. Sherman Mk II and Sherman Mk III. VIEW
$ 6.50
British Sherman tanks in North Africa. Sherman Mk III. VIEW