To make it easier to find what you are looking for, I have listed the sets by WW2 or Modern era, and also into countries, regions or pacts.

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Since September 2018 you can no longer purchase any decalsets directly from us.
Instead please contact any of the traders listed in the 'HOW TO BUY' section, or do a search on the internet. Sometimes you can also find the decals on Ebay.
Latest sets in 1/72 scale - released in May 2019:
Indochine # 1. The Foreign Legion - 1er REC. M29C Crabe, M3A1 White SC, Greyhound, M5A1 Stuart, LVT-4 and LVT(A)-4. VIEW
Indochine # 2. 1er Regiment de Chasseurs. M5A1 Stuart, M3A1 White SC, M8 HMC, M24 , M2 and M3A1 Halftracks. VIEW
Indochine # 3. M24 Chaffee / Bison. 1er R.C.C. in Dien Bien Phu, R.I.C.M. and other units. VIEW
Finnish Tanks in WW2 # 3. T-34 m/1941, T-34 m/1943 and T34/85. VIEW
Finnish Tanks in WW2 # 4. T-26 m/1931 Twin Turret, T-26 m/1939, OT- 26, OT-130 and OT-133 Flame tanks. VIEW