Since 2002 I've been producing aftermarket decals for tanks. The first brand was AFV-Decals, followed by

Bison-Decals, that was one of the leading brands for the last years. Today I run Star-Decals.

I've also had the opportunity to produce some decal artwork for other companies like,

Cinetic-Models (HK), AK-Interactive (ESP), and Elite Armor (US).

2013 I start Star-Decals. With a new print shop producing the decals, and a new design of the instructions,

I hope that the modelers will notice the improved result. I will continue to do the artwork and research by myself,

but sometimes I also get assistance from modelers with special knowledge.


The decals are of water slide type (aka wet transfers), printed by a print shop with more

than 10 years of experience of these kind of decals. All decals have individual thin carrier film.

All markings are made using photos as references, to get the actual realistic look on the markings.

Letters and numbers are all made from scratch, instead of using computer fonts, also handwritten names,

numbers or slogans are never mirrored if it appears on both sides on a tank.

The instructions are printed in colour, and shows the placement of the markings to the model,

and also the color scheme and camo used.


If you know any markings that you want to be printed, please contact me with your suggestions.

Even better if you can assist me with references (photos). Accurate scale drawings of tanks are also much welcomed.

All kind of help are appreciated, as it will speed up my work.

I can not make any custom made decals. It's not possible to print single sets,
and I don't have the time to produce any artwork for other companies.


If you need to contact me - Johan Lexell, send an email to;


or ordinary letters to:

Johan Lexell

Stockholmsvägen 12 B:

15240 Södertälje, Sweden.


All traders who wants to sell my products in their shops or e-shops are welcomed.

Please contact me for more information.